veronica slater

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Writings by the Artist

1996-     Negotiating Genres in Outlooks: Lesbian and Gay Sexualities and Visual
1996-     Cultures (Editors: Lewis R. and Horne P.) Routledge
1989-     Soul identified as Flesh in FAN, Volume 2, number 9

Featured in:

Catalogue Essays

2022-     Cherry Smyth – Hidden in Plain Site
2010-     Georgina Coburn – 6°WEST Inch Kenneth Residency
1997-     Healy L. & Wilson M. – Invisibilities, RHA Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
1995-     Farr A. – The Borrowed Image – contemporary art and appropriation. City
1995-     of Edinburgh Museums and Galleries
1993-     Lloyd A. & Frain R. - Intervening Spaces. Installations & Interventions in
1995-     Public Settings
1992-     Gibson C. - Visions of Paradise. Oldham Leisure Services
1988-     Parmar P. & Steyn J. – Along the Lines of Resistance, Barnsley Met
1995-     Borough Council


1996-     Smyth C. – Damn Fine Art, Cassell

Reviews and Articles

2023-     Critics' Picks, Susannah Thompson, ARTFORUM
2023-     Pretend art, meaningless, obscene: How a radical gallery shocked 1980s Rochdale,
2023-     Fiona Whitty, THE MILL
2023-     Rochdale exhibition showcases art of the turbulent 1980s, Sara Tilley,
2023      In Your Area 2023 Touchstones Rochdale art gallery radical 80s, featured on
2023      Front Row, BBC Radio 4
2023-     A Tall Order!, Rochdale art gallery in the 1980s, featured on the Fourdrinier
2023-     A Tall Order!, Eddie Chambers, Art Monthly, no.464, March
2022-     Hidden in Plain Site, Dr Craig Jordan-Baker, AN
2012-     6°WEST - Edinburgh Art Festival 2012, Studio International, MK Palomar
2011-     Northings, Hi-Arts, Giles Sutherland
2010-     May publications of Meidan Talo, Rantapohja, Oululeht, Forum, & Kaleva
2008-     Oban Times, 13 November
2002-     New Zealand TV Network, Interview on Queer Nation, March
2002-     Art New Zealand, Encounters, March, NZ
2002-     e’ express Visual Arts review, Encounters, New Zealand, March
2000-     Mardi Gras Visual Arts Review, Metro, June, London
1997-     Ruane M. – Invisibilities, Circa, issue 81
1997-     Palmer P. Outlooks: Lesbian & Gay Sexualities & Visual Cultures
1995-     – Textual Practice, Winter
1995-     Durden M. The Borrowed image, Art Monthly, October
1993-     Little M. Intervening Spaces, Variant, Autumn
1993-     Harrison J. Destined for Display, WAM, issue 52
1990-     Norman G. East End Opens, The Independent, 17 December
1990-     BBC Radio Genitals:External, Cleveland & Tyneside, October
1990-     Question Time, Hse of Commons, Genitals: External, October
1988-     Clark R. Barnsley’s line of most Resistance, The Guardian, 30 March


2010-     FringeMK, Catalogue Artist, Milton Keynes
2006-     Celeste Art Prize Catalogue Artist, London

Published Artwork

2010-     CD cover for tektonix-resister for

Public Talks & Lectures

2023-     Touchstones, Rochdale, In conversation with Sarah-Joy Ford and Veronica Slater:
2023-     Reflecting on Queer Feminisms and Modernism
2022-     Stephen Lawrence Gallery, 'Hidden in Plain Site' panel - Talk Q&A and
2023-     International Womens Day
2013-     La Galerie d’art Stewart Hall, Montreal, Canada - Film and Radio interviews
2010-     Verkatehdas, for Ars-Häme ry /Galleria Kone, Hämeenlinna, Finland
2010-     Art 360 Kuvataidepaivat, Oulu Museum of Art, Finland
2010-     Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Unit of Fine Art, Imatra, Finland
2004-     Cyprus School of Art, Limassol, Cyprus
2002-     Rimbun Dahan Artist’s Residency, Malaysia
2002-     Elam Sch of Art, Auckland University, Auckland, New Zealand
2000-     Collaborative Workshop – Park Studios & Theatre de Complicite, UK
1997-     Long Island University, Long Island, New York State, USA
1996-     The Borrowed Image, City Art Centre, Edinburgh
1995-     University of Otago, Dunedin & University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ
1995-     RMIT, Melbourne & University of Nth Queensland, Townsville, Australia
1994-     Negotiating Genres - ‘Generations & Geographies’ Conference, Leeds
1993-     Intervening Spaces, Darlington Arts Centre
1992-     Visions of Paradise - Oldham Art Gallery & Tate Gallery Education
1992-     University of Central England, Birmingham
1990-     Sheffield Hallam University, Yorkshire
1990-     University of Oxford, The Ruskin Sch of Fine Art, Oxford

Veronica, Phoenix

(Photo by Manel Ortega)

Pointe Claire, Montreal, Canada residency

(Photo by Helena Scheffer)