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under £200  .  under £400

Premonition - 2


Premonition - 3

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£160 plus p&p

Premonition - 18

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£160 plus p&p

Premonition - 20

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£160 plus p&p

Premonitions 1 to 22

Oil and mixed media on MDF board: 51cm (W) x 15cm (H) x 1cm (D)

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Price: £160 plus
P&P: UK £7 / Europe £10 / Worldwide £16

1. I offer a†7-day 100% money-back guarantee which allows you to buy with confidence. If for any reason youíre not satisfied with your purchase, return it and Iíll help you find a work you love.
2. I will mail your artwork as soon as possible once payment has cleared. This may take 1-2 working days. However I will let keep you informed and send a postal tracking number so as you can know when to expect your parcel. My commitment is for you to start enjoying your artwork a.s.a.p.
3. In PayPal you get an option to buy quantities of more than one so please ignore this, as there is only one of each unique painting.
4. Photos are for guidance only and colours on paintings may vary slightly to what you see on the computer screen.

Most of the work that you see on this site is for sale. Contact for prices on work not in the shop.